Timing Belt Kits

(Product type 7883)
A badly functioning timing belt drive system can cause serious problems and it
is highly probable that the source of damage to one element in the drive will also have
affected the other drive components. The best way to avoid expensive premature
failures is to change timing belts, idlers and tensioners all at the same time. A Gates
PowerGrip® Kit provides all the appropriate components plus installation instructions
in an all-in-one kit and every component in the kit is a guaranteed OE equivalent part.
Gates is your true system specialist: not only are we a renowned timing belt
manufacturer, delivering products both to OEMs and to the aftermarket, but we are
also one of the largest suppliers of OE tensioner units in Europe.
A PowerGrip® Kit is handily packed in a sturdy cardboard box and contains, depending
on the application:
  • ›› Timing belt(s)
  • ›› Belt tensioner(s) or tensioner assemblies
  • ›› Idlers
  • ›› Other parts needed for a complete overhaul (bolts, springs, etc.)
  • ›› (Specific) installation instructions
  • ›› Mileage sticker
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